[portland] python bridge talk questions / advice

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 04:48:59 CET 2009

>> I be happy to share, but I was hoping for someone to point out some
>> for me to use as starting points ;)

This is the kind of diagram that scares me:


This one is actually enlightening, but also suggests complexity:


(hope it pulls up for ya).

Not much help probably, out of date no doubt.

Dylan's endorsement is heartening:

> Honestly, I don't know of many.  The ORM and templating systems are pretty
> lightweight and you can swap in different solutions if you want to.  The
> major gripes I've heard are with the architecture of the admin module... but
> it's optional and typically not used under load anyway.
> The problems I've seen with Django deployments are typically configuration
> issues.  Things like using memcached on a virtual host system where memory
> is sparse.  Or forgetting to turn of the DEBUG flag.
> That's why I'd love to hear if you encounter any issues.  I'm just not aware
> of that many.
> Dylan

So I've been working with MySQL and PostgreSQL, but wonder if the much
ballyhooed Django->SQLServer (MSFT) is under someone's belt around
here (not mine).


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