[portland] Thx for mtg! Blog 'n links...

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 18:25:22 CET 2009

Hey there group --

Good seein' some of ya around the water cooler so to speak.  I have a kind
of half-assed blog summary here (bein' kinda distracted):


Then over beers with the discography guys, Pei Wei and Jason, I promised I'd
post a link to the Haiku Distillery or whatever it's called, a Python text
cruncher that scans for embedded haikus.

The one's it found in Ulysses are actually pretty good, follow links?

http://mail.python.org/pipermail/edu-sig/2009-November/009659.html (like a
Google treasure hunt but different).

Thanks for a great show last night, cerebral as always, fun punching buttons
on the coffee machine, doff cap to WebTrends and that beer was quite yummy.

Maybe see you at the party, or seek me out in Hawthorne District if you want
beer (or even coffee).  I tweet as thekirbster (Flickr photo the same way).

psf 09

PS:  we're experimenting with multi-media audience participation formats in
private party back of Duke's Landing on Belmont.  I'm introducing the
concept of Lightning Talks with direct attribution to "Python culture,"
might even project some homemade geometry videos developed with VPython per
this model:


This venue has featured another Python programmer in town, Rick Flosi with a
band named Good Bye Party, from Chicago and Indiana.  I'm encouraging him to
show up at PPUG sometime.
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