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Hey Pythonistas --

FYI, one more from my corner, check out how "Lightning Talk" is making
it into the mainstream (or Portland's SE music scene at least...).

Obviously this isn't a completely secret party, just not postering or
handing out flyers etc., like for some other shows.  Feel free to drop
by, bring a laptop if ya like.  BYOB.

Kirby Urner

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*A Consciousness Raising Event*

*Spinning by DJ Troy*
*Live music by Lindsey Walker*
*Computerized graphics by 4D Studios*
*Political videos from Laughing Horse*
**Lightning Talks!**
(FREE/BYOB w/ receipt)

Lightning talks are a form of speaking that can be about anything that
is on your mind.

We welcome spoken word and will even offer tracks and drum beats for
you to speak over if you choose.

This can be a discussion of whatever issue is dear to your heart, even
transforming into hip-hop.

We endeavor to create an environment of artistic, political and even
technical collaboration.

We want to exercise the practice of art to effect social change in a
time of war.

We want to *STOP THE WARS* and stop the destruction of our planet.

We want to find solutions to benefit all its inhabitants.

**In addition, all acoustic musicians, are welcome.  If necessary
we'll create a spillover stage outside.**

***Graphic artists with online material are also welcome to display
their art on the projector.***

*Secret location:*

This invitation has been sent to you out of a sense of trust.
Please use discretion in who you invite or forward this to.
Location: Duke's Landing, 2715 SE Belmont St.
Time: Saturday Night November 14th, 7:00 PM

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Artwork by James Jameson, edited by Lindsey Walker

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Lindsey Walker

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