[portland] PDX Django meeting, Feb 17

Adam Lowry adam at therobots.org
Wed Feb 10 03:53:42 CET 2010

Michelle reminded me to post to this list!

Despite missing December and January, February's PDX Django meeting looks like a great one. We have one short and one long talk scheduled -- if you'd like to do a 5 minute or so talk on a tool, problem, or feature, why not let us know? 

It's also the day before PyCon starts, so we might just chat about what looks interesting there. 

The talks: 

- Dermot Maty on a problem he had with Proxy Models, and how he solved it 

- Michael Richardson will be previewing a talk he's giving at DjangoSki. Here's the summary from their talks page: 

"Michael is a cofounder at Urban Airship where he spends his day working on a RESTful API to deliver notifications and in-app content to mobile devices. His talk, "RESTful APIs with Django and Piston," pulls from Urban Airship's experience and goes through creating an API in Django with Piston along with pitfalls you may experience along the way. 

Michael was also the developer behind the massive Django-powered meat conglomerate bacn.com until it was sold earlier this year. Bac'n did not, sadly, have an API." 

The meeting will be at 7pm at PIE, 1227 NW Davis St (directly opposite the North Face store -- look for the big brown armchairs in the window. 




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