[portland] Meeting Tonight! 6:30pm @ Webtrends: PLY, Fabric, Gunicorn - and you!

Michelle Rowley michelle at pdxpython.org
Tue Jul 13 22:14:47 CEST 2010

Happy second Tuesday, Pythoneers!

You know what that means... we're meeting at Webtrends tonight for our July
dose of Python excitement!

When: 6:30pm
Where: Webtrends
  851 SW 6th Ave.
  Suite 1600
  Portland, OR 97204
  *Wave at the security guard in the lobby. Let them know you're with us and
they'll bring you upstairs!

What's on the table for tonight? Adam Lowry will be introducing Gunicorn (
http://gunicorn.org/) for Michel's Module of the Month. It's
easy_installable, so Michel says it counts. Plus, it's awesome. Who's up for
next month's module?

Next, Chris Pitzer is going to show us how he tackles automated deployments
using Fabric. There will be guest appearances by git, apache, wsgi and
virtualenv, as well!

Finally, Dan Colish will demonstrate how to use Python Lex/Yacc for great
good. If you're tired of using regex to match and deciper every little bit
of plain text output, you won't want to miss this one. Dan will walk us
through tokenizing and parsing text using a grammar, and do a short
comparison of PLY and other parsing packages.

After the meeting, I'm guessing we'll walk over to Bailey's Taproom for more
discussion, and perhaps a beverage.

See you there!
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