[portland] Talks I liked at PyCon

Adam Lowry adam at therobots.org
Wed Mar 10 04:10:42 CET 2010

From my quick little talk tonight at PDX Python, here are the talks I mentioned as being particularly worth watching.

C. Titus Brown - "Why not run all your tests all the time? A study of continuous integration systems." (#160)
Ned Batchelder - "Tests and Testability" (#188)

Peter Portante - "Demystifying Non-Blocking and Asynchronous I/O" (#164)
Donovan Preston - "Eventlet: Asynchronous I/O with a synchronous interface" (#141)
Jeremy Edberg - "Scaling your Python application on EC2" (#191)
Jonathan Ellis - "What every developer should know about database scalability" (#21)



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