[portland] Notes & Thanks

michelle rowley michelle at pdxpython.org
Wed Mar 10 08:31:32 CET 2010

Hey Pythoneers,

Tonight's meeting was awesome. I wanted to send out a note to say
thanks to Jason for a fantastic presentation about the cutting edge
functional web testing they're doing at Idealist.org using concepts
learned from PyCon 2009, and to Adam and Michael for sharing their
PyCon 2010 highlights. I saw that Adam and Michael had already sent
around some notes from the stuff they shared tonight (I need to do
that, too), and hopefully Jason will be able to put his slides online
and post the link to the list.

Another gigantic thank you goes out to Survey Monkey for setting us up
with delicious pizza and beer! Erin Hoffmann from Survey Monkey was at
the meeting with us tonight and mentioned that they are looking to
hire a Python Developer here in Portland. If you're interested in more
information about that, here's a link to the jobs page on their site:

Last but not least, thanks again to Webtrends for continuing to host
our meetings! See you there next month, same bat time, same bat


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