[portland] OSB and Python

John Melesky list at phaedrusdeinus.org
Thu May 13 18:30:20 CEST 2010

On 2010-05-13, at 8:43 AM, Dylan Reinhardt wrote:
> Is it just me, or did Python majorly get the finger from Open Source Bridge?
> 90 sessions in all and only two that even *mention* Python.

1- I count 3: libcloud, OpenStreetMap, and RDMA[1]
2- There's only one perl talk, by the same method. Though that's clearly about perl
3- There are no ruby talks by that method.

I do see 5 PHP talks, though.

So python doesn't look particularly screwed to me, though you might conceivably make the argument that dynamic languages, as a group, were (only 1 javascript talk). It's also possible that my methodology is crap. Indeed, i suspect that's true.


[1] methodology: go to http://opensourcebridge.org/events/2010/sessions and search in page for "python".

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