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Fri May 14 07:12:32 CEST 2010

On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 10:07 AM, Dylan Reinhardt
<python at dylanreinhardt.com> wrote:
> I missed OpenStreetMap.  So three.  :-)
> Obviously, there's more of a "culture" focus at OSB than an "implementation"
> focus and Python isn't really heavy into culture.  That's one of the things
> I value about Python, actually.

I value the culture, one of Python's fortes.

Lightning Talks for example.

I shared that practice with students in Baltimore recently, went over well.

> It's just frustrating to see Python losing conference mojo at more or less
> the exact moment it's gaining so much traction in the corporate world.
> Somehow, that strikes me as not a coincidence.

A conspiracy theory?

Speaking of "corporate world" I saw that bit about the SEC adopting
Python in the name of "more transparency" -- welcomed some of
the cynical comments about it (seemed like PR stunt, given the
badly tarnished SEC reputation).

> Whatever.  I'll probably go anyway. :-)
> Dylan

I participated quite a bit in last years OS Bridge and used that
position of privilege to advocate for my own Python talk,
which I seriously doubt woulda seen the light of day otherwise.

Although I didn't pack the room, I did get to network with
educators, leading to a followup workshop and plans to
get Python into high school math classrooms in many
world class institutions (maybe even in Portland -- Saturday
Academy has it already).

Mathematics for the Digital Age and Programming in
Python (Skylit Publishing) by Gary and Maria Litvin is
used at Phillips Andover these days.  I've been in public
conversation with Gary on Python's edu-sig as well
as math-thinking-l (the latter being a functional programming
nest, somewhat hostile to Python, or any imperative

My thanks to Selena et al for going forward with a 2nd one.
OS Bridge is a great opportunity to meet people.


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