[portland] Reformatting Data Files

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Feb 1 21:46:31 CET 2011

On Fri, 28 Jan 2011, Kyle Jones wrote:

> It isn't anything pretty, but I think this might be similar:
> http://paste.pocoo.org/show/328545/


   Pretty enough.

   What I still need to figure out is why csv.writer() is not writing proper
delimited output. Here's an example of output lines:

JCM-20B,2008-11-13,Depth to Water,97.08
JCM-20B,2008-11-13,Total Dissolved Solids,211
JCM-20B,2008-11-13,"Alkalinity, Bicarbonate",167

   Notice that the third item is not quoted unless the text contains a comma.
What I want for output is to have all text fields (that is, all but the last
one) quoted, preferably with single quotes to keep postgres happy.

   This output is produced by:

outfile = open('out.csv', 'w')
outdata = csv.writer(outfile)

for row in indata:
   for i, location in enumerate(loc):
     if i == 0:
     outdata.writerow([location, sampdate[i], row[0], row[i]])

   When I change the csv.writer() method to 'csv.writer(outfile, quotechar =
"'", delimiter = ':')' no text is quoted, including Alkalinity, Bicarbonate

   What have I missed in reading the csv module page?

Thanks all,


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