[portland] Bump sponsoring web design for new Diesel site

Michael Schurter michael at susens-schurter.com
Thu Feb 10 21:19:56 CET 2011

Hi all,

Bump[1], the startup behind the Bump mobile app, is looking to
relaunch the web site for the Diesel framework and is willing to pay a
designer for wireframes (html/css/images). Diesel[2] is an
asynchronous IO framework for Python that went through a significant
change from being generator (yield) based to using greenlet, and
they're working on relaunching the site dieselweb.org to reflect the
new diesel.

This is more of a design gig than Python one as Bump will take care of
actually implementing the site[3], so feel free to pass this along to
any designers you know.

Contact Jamie Turner <jamie at bu.mp> if you're interested!


[1] http://bu.mp/
[2] https://github.com/jamwt/diesel
[3] Jamie thinks it will probably just be a simple diesel app maybe
using mako templates, so if you're willing to provide templates it
might be worth mentioning.

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