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Patrick Curtain pcurtain at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 00:50:08 CEST 2011

Hey All!

Can you think of a COOLER job to tell friends and family about?  "I
work at Dark Horse, writing software for comics".  No more trying to
explain derivative calcs analysis or medical trend value reporting.

We need flexible agile developers to join our team.  We're more
interested in fit and intelligence than your immediate skill laundry
list.  If that's enough to spark your interest, send your LinkedIn URL
to me (pcurtain at gmail.com and everywhere else).

What follows is the post I just added to Python Jobs.


Dark Horse Comics

**Job Description**:

Dark Horse Comics needs bright developers to join our in-house on-site
agile development team. Each of us codes freely among python and
django, objective-c, java, php and other tools.


- Have a bright mind and a passion for software
- Have been coding in an OO language at least a year
- Know mobile (iOS and Android) or want to learn [2]

(second to those things)

- Python/Django for current web work, many frameworks and libs
- Javascript and HTML5/CSS (have you seen our Web Reader!?)
- Objective-C for our Dark Horse Comics reader app [2] and other iOS efforts
- Java for the Android version currently in development
- PHP for legacy apps waiting to be re-tooled [3]
- Linux/Xnix and AWS for servers, comfort with the shell is a must
- Various tools in our stuck including fabric, puppet, hudson,
mercurial, , raw SQL (still!) and more

**About the company**

We're doing *our* part to make the world safe for Digital Comics [1], [2]
and we need bright engineers to keep up the fight.

We offer
- An Agile/XP development environment
- Pairing and collaborative interaction
- Test-driven culture (still growing)
- Experience developing for Mobile and for Digital Media
- Low stress, sustainable pace
- We practice facilitated code reviews (using reviewboard currently).
- We use Pivotal Tracker for planning and during sprints.
- We provide Macs with second monitors decked out as each of us
prefer.  (Dark Horse is a top to bottom Mac shop)

Most of our development happens collaboratively, so being on-site in
our offices in Milwaukie is the norm, but hours and work styles are
flexible. Style is very casual, come as you are.
To apply, send an email with the URL to your LinkedIn profile.  If you have
links to Github/Bitbucket repos, portfolio sites and other examples of your
work, also good.  Tell us about your passion for software and one idea for how
to make the comics reading experience better.

**What Python is used for**: We **ARE** a Python shop. We use python for
all server work, site, services, automation and scripting.  Django is the
back end for our digital effort and the services behind the Dark Horse Comics
mobile reader application.


- [1] http://digital.darkhorse.com/
- [2] http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dark-horse-comics/id415378623?mt=8
- [3] http://www.tfaw.com/

**Contact Info:**

* **Contact**: Patrick Curtain, Development Manager
* **E-mail contact**: webjobs at darkhorse.com
* **Web**: http://www.darkhorse.com/Company/Jobs
* **No telecommuting**

Patrick Curtain,  Husband & Father  ( i also write software )
http://www.patrickcurtain.com/                      360.521.9625

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