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Sat Jun 4 01:25:42 CEST 2011

OK, I'm starting to get officially jealous.... No, our beer is better, they
live in Chicago have compassion.

Simmering down now...

Was there a ppug code for OSBridge?  Dang me for lateness.

Michelle, if ya need a talker...


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Subject: [Chicago] Congrats to Mentoring Project Participants
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Congrats to those of you who added recent improvement, both mentors
and mentored to chipy.org, especially, Allan and Dan and several
others who are participating in the ChiPy Mentoring Program. Now we
can RSVP for next weeks meeting on the home page http://chipy.org  or
use one of these quick links (For Yes:
http://chipy.org/meetings/rsvp/33/yes for maybe:
http://chipy.org/meetings/rsvp/33/maybe ). Yes, you must create an
account. If that bother's me email me off the list to RSVP for next
weeks meeting.

If anyone sees anything wrong with functionality of chipy.org, pls
fill out a ticket: https://github.com/brianray/Chipy/issues/new

Also, there are more changes to come next month including maps.

The official notice for next weeks meeting will most likely go out
Monday or Tues. Nonetheless, you can ensure your spot if you RSVP

Thanks and congrats, Brian


Brian Ray
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Chicago at python.org
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