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sean marcia sean_marcia at yahoo.com
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Hey all,

Yes I was just looking to resize the field that the prof sees purely for 
aesthetic reason. I was trying to make the gui look nicer. Matt's pythonware 
link put me in the right direction.

Thanks for all the responses!


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sean marcia wrote:
> Hey Pythonistas,
> I have a couple questions that I am hoping for some help/advice on.
> I am in the process of coding up a small voting app for a professor of mine. 
>The app, when completed, will send the students some info which they will vote 
>on. So for example, the student will see something like "You are a member of the 
>Triangle party. You received advertising from the Circle party. Who do you wish 
>to vote for? Circle, Triangle, Abstain." The admin app which the professor will 
>use will set the number of iterations for the voting game, the chance of getting 
>advertising, etc.
> So my first question has to do with tkinter which I am using to build the gui. 
>Is it possible to adjust the size of input boxes in tkinter?

Yes.  Are you looking to resize as the entire app resizes, or to resize as the 
content grows/shrinks?  Are these input boxes editable by the student, or is the 
content solely from the professor?

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