[portland] Rate question

John Hampton pacopablo at pacopablo.com
Mon Mar 28 19:46:56 CEST 2011

On 3/28/11 10:33 AM, Josh English wrote:
> Any suggestions? I'm not going to say no, I just want to know what's
> market-rate fair.

Well, for computer work, ie, sysadmin stuff, etc.  A normal rate is 
around $125/hr.  For programming, I would likely charge a similar rate. 
I definitely wouldn't go below $75/hr.

Obviously, you have a previous relationship with the company, as well as 
a tangential existing relationship.  If you think $75/hr to $125/hr is 
too much, then you can agree on a fixed price for the enhancement.  As a 
consumer, I like fixed prices.  As a programmer, I hate them.  Things 
always tend to be a bit more complicated then expected.  Another 
alternative is to charge the higher rate, and then discount the bill if 
you feel it is too much.

Whatever you do, don't sell yourself short.  This is business, and you 
have a skill that they value.  Programming may not be your primary 
skill, but you obviously created something of value for them.  You are 
the expert.


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