[portland] Fwd: Please Join Us at BarCamp Portland 5, in One Week!

Igal Koshevoy igal at pragmaticraft.com
Sat May 14 03:07:37 CEST 2011

Dear Portland Pythoneers,

The next BarCamp Portland is coming up. It's a great, free
unconference event, now in its 5th year. I like it because it's
particularly good for intense discussions on technical and
non-technical topics that we don't normally cover in our area's user
group meetings. You should RSVP and attend it. It'd be nifty if your
company could co-sponsor it. Details are below.

See you there,


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BarCamp Portland is coming up in just one week!

There will be an opening social Friday evening, May 20 from
6:30 to 9pm, and sessions all day Saturday, May 21. Scheduling
starts at 9am and the sessions will run from 10am until 9pm.

Please RSVP now if you haven't already:

(Want to know more? Read on!)

If you haven't been to BarCamp in Portland before, here's what to
expect: BarCamp is an unconference (http://bit.ly/unconference).
Sessions are scheduled on site the morning of the event by
attendees. So, come ready to find out more about your favorite
topic, and share your knowledge with other geeks.

Unlike many technical conferences, BarCamp isn't focused on a
specific topic. Instead, people in the technical community come
together and talk about whatever interests them. Even though the
schedule isn't set ahead of time, some popular activities tend to
appear at every Portland BarCamp:

* Werewolf games
* Technology and bicycles
* Social networking (virtual and physical!)
* Novel applications of new technology
* Low-level and high-level programming
* Textiles
* Meeting new people and planning new *camps

We have many great tips for getting the most out of
BarCamp Portland 5: http://barcampportland.org/attending/

Know all about BarCamp Portland? Here's some new info:

This year we're part of Barcamp Tour, which will provide some
take-home souvenirs for participants, plus we'll be giving away
books from O'Reilly. So, don't forget to bring something with you
to take home goodies in!

How is this all possible?

Mostly due to people like you — your companies sponsor us;
you create the sessions and the discussion that makes our
community vibrant and keeps it growing; and you help us run these
entirely volunteer-staffed events. (It's not too late to help
out! Volunteers are still needed: http://bit.ly/bcpvolunteer)

Thanks especially to our already-committed sponsors:

* BarCamp Tour: http://barcamptour.com
* ShopIgniter: http://shopigniter.com
* Open Sourcery: http://opensourcery.com
* O'Reilly Media: http://www.oscon.com/oscon2011
* Widmer Brothers Brewery: http://widmerbrothers.com/

Sponsorships (corporate and individual) are still available —
Email sponsor at legionoftech.org to learn more.

Thanks for participating in BarCamp Portland. We'll be posting
more great information at http://barcampportland.org in the days
leading up to the event, so make sure to check that out.

--BarCamp Portland Staff
barcamp at legionoftech.org

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