[portland] Portland Digest, Vol 55, Issue 1

Benjamin van der Veen b at bvanderveen.com
Tue Nov 1 17:41:46 CET 2011

> If I remember correctly, instances of all single byte ints (0 <= x <
> 256) are created automatically, so iterating over a bytearray may
> avoid new object creation.

That would certainly make sense. I wouldn't be too surprised if it
pre-allocated/interned single-byte chars as well.

> Yeah, everything is a heap allocated PyObject in CPython. Check out
> Cython for writing Python that compiles to C and can use raw C types
> (bytes & chars) without much effort. Depending on your use case and
> dependencies, PyPy might be worth checking out. Doing lots of
> iterations over homogeneous data types is where JITs shine.

Thanks for the pointers, Michael!

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