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> But maybe I'm wrong. Please accept my apologies if you think so. This is the
> only objection I've seen about in after notifying over 50 Python and Django
> user groups in the U.S. and Canada. TriZPUG bootcamps have brought in
> participants from six continents so far and we like building bridges with
> other like-minded user groups.

I'm OK with it Chris, so your post in Chicago also where I'm also
subscribed (and Manila...).

So happens that The Open Bastion (theopenbastion.com) has a Django
event as early as May 17 or so in Newark NJ.

I've been nudging Steve to actually tell people about it, and he did
have a schedule in the Pycon swag bags but...

The giant Urban Airship LCD is where I think the splash ads should go.

Cameras are cheap, we should all do like W + K and really strut our video savvy.

No wait, wrong list, we're geek programmers not TV jocks, my bad.

Hope to see you at some overlap event.  I haven't booked into Newark
yet myself as I'm not a Djangster, though I do enjoy Steve's
conferences in particular.

Alex Gaynor is to be a keynote speaker.


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feedback welcome)


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