[portland] Open Source Bridge Volunteer Event & Call for Proposals

Kevin Turner keturn at keturn.net
Thu Jan 26 06:58:34 CET 2012

Fellow Portland Pythians,

This Friday, Open Source Bridge is throwing a party to celebrate the
volunteers that make this conference possible; past, present, and
future.  So if you've volunteered with us at any point in the past few
years, or are interested in working with us _this_ year to put on a
wonderful event, please join us at 6pm.  There will be snacks, piñatas,
and prizes.  And, of course, opportunity to be awesome.

Please RSVP on Plancast: http://plancast.com/p/9m5v/

We've also opened the Call for Proposals for this year's conference:

That'll be open until March 15th, which is around the end of PyCon. 
Maybe you want to submit the talk you proposed to PyCon.  Or maybe
you're not going to PyCon because you'd rather be in Portland, and you
should encourage others to come and give their talks at OS Bridge!

(And of course, OS Bridge welcomes talks about non-Python open source
technologies and communities as well.  But I'd love to see a strong
Python representation there.)

Share & Enjoy,

 - Kevin

Open Source Bridge, June 26-29. http://OpenSourceBridge.org/

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