[portland] suggestions wanted for Python Quiz for tomorrow's meetup; Reverse Q&A questions

Rob Bednark rbednark at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 19:21:22 CET 2012

Submit your ideas for questions for the Python Quiz for the Portland 
Python Meetup tomorrow (Tue, Mar 13, 2012, 6:30pm, Urban Airship).  Most 
anything Python-related is fair game, any level of difficulty.

Email your quiz suggestions to me, rbednark at gmail.com, or use this form: 
http://goo.gl/ujoEy  Submit your suggestions before 3pm Tue, Mar 13.

I will also be facilitating Reverse Q&A / Ask The Audience.  This is 
your chance to ask questions of the audience (advice, problems, poll the 
audience, ...).  If you're not going to be at the meetup and want to ask 
something, email me or use the above form.  Some example questions from 
past meetups:
   What is the clear winner among the Python web frameworks?
   Is anyone using PyPy in production?
   What are you using for automated web testing?
   What do like and not like about Python?
   Which version of Python are you using in production?
   What are you using for building RESTful API's?

Here's my notes from the last two Reverse Q&A / Ask The Audience sessions:

Portland Python Meetup Reverse Q&A
Tue, Jan 10, 2012

Q: What are you using for automated web testing?
   Selenium (wrote own client using SeleniumRC) - 7
   Alfajor / Django_Alfajor - 4
   Cram - http client in Curl; Unixy (non-web browser) - 1
   Twill - 2
   Ruby / Cucumber / Rspec / Capybara - 2
   Lettuce - 2

Q: Does anybody do quant (quantitative) work with Python? (scipy, ...) 
(stats, math optimization, ...)
   gmpy (arbitrary precision)
   pandas - financial, time series
   meetup group - solving academic problems (Numerical Computing group 
-- merged into another)
   Portland R group

Q: What is the clear winner among the Python web frameworks?
   Pyramid - new and upcoming
   Flask - ate up smaller frameworks
   WSGI - roll your own
   Twisted - it's own world; server protocol framework; lots persistent 
connections; asynch network framework

Q: Anyone using PyPy in production?
A: No

Q: What do you like about Python?
     - reads like psuedocode
     - __metaclass__
     - free beer at meetup
     - forced organization (whitespace; no brackets)
     - module distribution (eggs, ...); environments (virtualenv, pip, ...)
     - great community
     - one right way to do things
     - python community - maintainers stick around;

Q: What do you not like about Python?
     - too slow
     - GIL (Global Interpreter Lock) - not truly multi-threaded
     - live debugging tools awkward; not powerful
     - lambdas (it's only one expression; not a real anonymous function 
compared to other true functional languages)
     - fragmentation of the web platforms (webpy, django, pylons, zope)
     - BDFL (led Python into the woods) (lamdbas, GIL, Python3, ...)
     - Python3
     - lot of lib maintainers have not chosen to go to Python3 yet
     - no case, "x if something else y"
     - variable scoping is weird
     - subclassing, overriding, super, keyword args -- lot of syntax; 
awkward syntax
     - don't like spaces preference over tabs
     - loop - repeat - extra expressions before you hit the repeat 
section; initial value; increment; loop/until/repeat (Databasic on Pick OS)

Portland Python Meetup Reverse Q&A
Tue, Nov 8, 2011

Q: What are you using for building REST API's?
   Restish - 2
   Piston - 2
   Tastypy - 1
   DjangoRESTframework - 1
   Werkzeug - 4
   roll your own (httplib) - 9
   Twisted - 2
   Diesel -

Q: What version of Python are you using in production?
   2.4 - 1
   2.5 - 1
   2.6 - 9
   2.7.2 - 9
   3.1 - 2

Q: How long before you will be using Python 3 in production?

Q: How many are waiting for Django to move to v3?

Q: Who has been paid to program in...
         Ruby? 7
         Perl? 7
         C? 14
         C++ 11
         Java? 12
         Javascript? 19
         PHP - 14
         XBase - 1
         Cobol - 1
         bash - 13
         C# - 7
         J - 1
         Go - 2
         Haskell - 2
         Objective C - 3
         ActionScript -

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