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Christopher Hiller chiller at decipherinc.com
Tue Mar 13 01:24:42 CET 2012

Hello list,

I'm not a recruiter.  My company is hiring a developer.  Please send cover letters and resumes to rebecca at decipherinc.com.  If you have any questions feel free to email me off-list.  Here's the text of the posting:

Located in an old brick building with large windows, the Decipher Portland office offers an ideal setting. The in-house PS3 with Rock Band also helps make this a unique office culture. The dev team recklessly engages in new technology research to improve our products and keep life interesting. Lately we have been getting a lot of use out of AngularJS, Knockout, jQuery Mobile, and Highcharts on the client. On the server we're using Ubuntu 11.04 and Python 2.7, and adding new stuff all the time.

Primary skills:
•	Write software code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python, etc., as required
•	Able to communicate through writing and provide documentation on features produced
•	Test code using automated test tools; provide documentation of tests run
•	Use version control to exchange code with other developers
•	Use bug tracking systems to exchange information with other developers
•	Know what STFW means and how to do it. Also know meaning of FTW, IRC, and TDD

Job tasks:
•	Implement software using above programming languages, to specifications provided
•	Review and set task priorities using the bug tracker
•	Document changes made in the bug tracker for testers
•	Document changes made in wiki or other documentation, for end users
•	Assist other developers in solving problems through written or in-person communication

A marketing research service and software provider, Decipher specializes in online survey programming, data collection, and data reporting. Decipher's research software suite provides users with the ability to program their own surveys, monitor data collection progress, analyze data and automate data report production. Our innovative solution is an industry first, resulting in tremendous time savings and labor costs for market researchers while significantly increasing the accuracy and quality of research reporting.

The motivation and positive energy of the people who join our team are matched only by the strength and consistency of our company's culture. For the last eleven years, this combination has provided Decipher with solid financial growth and equally solid professional growth for our team members. We offer attractive compensation packages which include medical, dental, and an excellent 401K plan. We also offer lots of other benefits and perks: 3 weeks PTO, weekly breakfast, monthly team activities, bereavement leave, flexible schedules and the ability to work remotely.

Decipher is always seeking motivated individuals looking to grow with us. Please check out other opportunities at http://www.decipherinc.com/n/careers.

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