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Fri Nov 4 11:10:52 EDT 2016

Thank you for driving this, Ewa.

While you are making changes to the bylaws regarding Fellows,
please also consider that we reintroduce the possibility of
Fellows to convert from emeritus status back to Fellow status
without having to go through the whole process again, as we
had in the V1 bylaws (section 4.8 - see


On 04.11.2016 15:16, Ewa Jodlowska wrote:
> Dear members,
> We have started to address the lack of process for voting in new PSF
> Fellow members. Currently, when someone is nominated, the nomination can
> only come from a current fellow or from a designated work group.
> Furthermore, it is required that the approval be done by 2/3 of the
> eligible voters. To make this a more inclusive process and to make it a
> labor-saving process, the board would like to propose the following
> changes to the bylaws (https://www.python.org/psf/bylaws/):
>  1. Adjust Section 4.9 of the bylaws to read:
>       * To be eligible for membership as a Fellow, a member must be
>         nominated by a member *[changed fellow to member]* of the
>         corporation or a specially chartered Working Group, which
>         nomination should be based upon certain criteria to be
>         established by the Board of Directors and which criteria shall
>         be designed to emphasize extraordinary contributions.
>  2. Adjust Section 4.9 of the bylaws to read:
>       * Following such nomination, approval of chartered Working Group
>         voting members shall be required in order for a member to become
>         a Fellow.  
>       * *changed from:* Following such nomination, approval of
>         two-thirds (2/3) of the members entitled to vote shall be
>         required in order for a member to become a Fellow.
> We wanted to inform the PSF membership of these proposed changes before
> we send them to the Bylaws Working Group.
> ________________________________
> We have also suggested a starting point for the to-be chartered Working
> Group (https://wiki.python.org/psf/FellowWG) with the following policies
> (not to be included in bylaws). These can be discussed more within the
> group before the Working Group charter is approved by the board:
>   * Up to 15 voting WG members and 5 non-voting members (could be board
>     of directors who want to have oversight or a member who is
>     interested in the process but does not want to commit to voting). To
>     promote a diverse membership, the Working Group will aim to pick
>     membership by first-come-first-serve and allow up to 3 people from
>     one geographic region (for ex Africa,Asia,Central America, Eastern
>     Europe, European Union, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South
>     America, The Caribbean).
>   * All voting WG members must also be PSF Fellow Members
>   * 2/3 of the votes placed must be "aye" in order to approve the Fellow
>     nomination
>   * Every year after the new board is elected, we will ask WG voting
>     members who is interested in continuing and who would like to opt
>     out of the working group.
>   * Voting WG members that do not vote in three consecutive votes will
>     be asked to leave the WG so we can substitute in new member.
> If any current fellows would like to participate in the Fellow Working
> Group, please let me know. We currently have three members: myself,
> Naomi Ceder, and Kushal Das. Once we get more members, we will together
> work on a charter.
> Best wishes,
> Ewa Jodlowska
> Python Software Foundation
> Director of Operations
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