[PSF-Community] PSF Code of Conduct Work Group: call for membership applications

Trey Hunner trey at truthful.technology
Wed Apr 18 16:57:02 EDT 2018

"I came for the language; I stayed for the community."

As Pythonistas, we value the Python community and how it shapes the Python
language. One part of the PSF's mission is "...to support and facilitate
the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers."

Recently, the PSF formed a workgroup to help the board and staff improve
the community code of conduct policies and guidelines. This work group will
help maintain the PSF mission of keeping PSF spaces welcoming and inclusive.

This work group will take a critical eye to PSF code of conduct policies,
including creating guidelines, suggestions for CoC reporting, and
enforcement procedures in PSF spaces.

For some PSF-affiliated spaces, the workgroup willhandle reports and their
resolution. The workgroup will also assist the individuals managing
PSF-affiliated spaces in responding to CoC reports in these spaces.

We need your help with this workgroup and its process. We hope to grow the
work group's membership to include community members who can *volunteer
time to work on the PSF code of conduct policies*.

If you are interested in participating in the PSF code of conduct workgroup
and serving the Python community, please fill out this application form:

If you have any questions about the workgroup or its time commitment,
please contact the PSF code of conduct workgroup mailing list:
conduct at python.org.

Thank you! 💗

Trey Hunner
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