[PyAR2] Where to start?

Chad Cooper Chad_Cooper at SWN.COM
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10?!? Wow, whodathunkit? 


What should we do? Heres my take: I think that at first we should
concentrate on getting together, meeting one another, and getting to
know more about what we all do, how we use Python, and see what
different skill levels we have as a group. I'm in this to learn and also
share what (little) knowledge I have. As for meeting location, I am the
NW Arkie, and yes, I'm willing to drive it on down to Conway for
meetings. If we could find a location to have our meeting - someplace
with wireless would be great, a projection screen - that would be great,
then afterwards those who wish could go and grab some eats and tasty
beverages and continue the discussions. Greg, I've pretty good
Illustrator skills, and actually have the Python logo in an AI file, and
I have plenty of geographic data related to AR. I'd love to do a logo.





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As of 7AM today, we have 10 people signed up to our humble little list.
What would *you* like to see the group do?  Do we take on Python
evangelism in the community by offering classes?  Do we concentrate on
teaching more advanced skills to those of us here?  Something else?  One
thing I have learned from the CARLUG folks is that nothing will happen
unless we make it happen, and even then it can be difficult. 

As for a meeting, where is everybody located?  I'm thinking that Conway
would be a good location for a meeting because I know of one member in
Little Rock and another in Northwest Arkansas who has said he would be
willing to travel to meet with other Pythonistas.  We might move
meetings around, but that might make things worse than better.  I don't

Another issue to start thinking about is a logo for the group (because
I'm already thinking about a web page).  The official Python logo is the
"double snake" and I though we might use that inside an outline of the
State of Arkansas (we would need PSF approval, of course).  Another
thought would be to use the old "happy snake" logo.  Or, do we work
something with the "Pi-R-Squared" theme?  I can code, but I'm just not
that good at artistic stuff. 

Lastly, any of you that are already skilled in Python should consider
submitting a paper for PyCon 2008 in Chicago.  Talks are 30 minutes
(actually 25, because 5 are reserved for questions), which is pretty
easy to fill.  Check out www.pycon.org for information on the
conference.  Think about going, if you can.


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