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On Nov 15, 2007 6:59 PM, Greg Lindstrom <gslindstrom at gmail.com> wrote:

> If you would, take a few minutes and let us know a little about you, what
> you do with Python (maybe you just want to learn it), and what you want out
> of the group. At this point, all ideas are good ideas.

Hi, my name is Wayne <pauses for the "Hi Waaaayne">

little bit about me: I attend UCA, entering my 3rd semester in the spring, I
work at the Student Center there as webmaster/SCTV(Electronic bulliten
board) maintainer/tech guy

It's a lot of fun and I've enjoyed computers/programming from the first
webpage I built (actually I've enjoyed computers ever since our old Apple
Mac II (I think it was)... and then I think it was a 286.... I think we had
a 5600 baud modem and my brother would connect to BBSs in Little Rock), and
then when I was 16 (and homeschooled) I took some courses at Pulaski Tech in
programming - intro to programming (VBS) and intro to C++. Since then I've
used PHP probably "a bit" to write programs I wanted (like a guessing game).

Earlier this year, I don't remember why... Oh yes I do - I was at a CARLUG
(or was it Hot Springs?) LUG meeting in Hot Springs where I read a bit about
PyGTK+. It was billed as an easy to learn, powerful language, so I decided
to learn more. Several months ago I finally installed it and searched for a
tutorial and it said "know a bit about python on it's own first" so I
started some of that, got started on a text based schedule-type program, and
then got busy with school and the rest of my life.

Currently my main use for python is a calculator in interactive mode.
Hopefully next semester when I get started in Programming I I'll have more
time to learn PyGTK+, which is where my real interest lies!

Who's next?
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