[PyAR2] Getting to know you

Chad Files cpfiles at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 16:13:55 CET 2007

On 11/15/2007 06:59 PM Greg Lindstrom said the following:
> Our 
> web developer -- who is a member of this list as well -- choose PHP for 
> our web presence, but virtually all of the back end work is done in 
> Python connecting to a Postgres database (as well as Oracle, SQL Server, 
> and IMAGE databases).  

That would be me.

> If you would, take a few minutes and let us know a little about you, 
> what you do with Python (maybe you just want to learn it), and what you 
> want out of the group. At this point, all ideas are good ideas.

Greg summed up where we work pretty well, so I will not go into that. 
Doing what I do, I have used literally half a dozen languages to their 
fullest extent (C++/Java/Perl/PHP/ColdFusion/C#/ASP). Along the way I 
have surveyed several other languages Ada, Lisp, Ruby, D, SmallTalk, 
Fortran, Cobol, Assembler and most recently Python. Now I will say that 
of the languages mentioned, I spend the most time with PHP. For a few 
particular reasons I have just gravitated towards PHP, but this is not a 
PHP list.

Working with Greg, and the system he designed, I have had the 
opportunity to use Python on a few projects. The main one is outlined in 
this Linux Journal Article (http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/9283). I 
have also hacked at Freevo and MythTV (both use Python).

I am looking forward to get deeper into Python in the future. This seems 
like a good place to start.


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