[PyAR2] Getting to know you

Bob Fahr bob.fahr at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 00:08:52 CET 2007

Hey guys.  I'm Bob and I work at Acxiom in Conway.  Derek and I belong to
the same "recovering-from-perl support group" at Acxiom.  I wasn't
interested in Python at first, but I was unhappy with the unstructuredness
of other scripting languages.  I like OO and Derek got me started with
Python.  Now I'm hooked and I look for opportunities to use it.

I'm interested in how I can write better, more reliable, Python code.  In
our organization people often move from project to project and leave their
code behind.  I want to be able to write Python that will not get thrown out
or rewritten when I move on to my next project.  I'm interested in
exchanging ideas along these lines.

Bob Fahr
bob.fahr at gmail.com
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