[PyAR2] PyAR2 Digest, Vol 1, Issue 5

Glen Rhea glen.rhea at arkansas.gov
Sat Nov 17 02:07:13 CET 2007

I am Glen Rhea and I work for the State of Arkansas GIS office (or will 
within the next few weeks) as their "Portal Administrator" which means 
I'll be part sysadmin, programmer, DBA and GIS guy. Most of my 
experience outside of college has been in system administration, 
primarily on windows servers. I have been using *nix for about 10 years, 
starting with linux and eventually moving to freebsd (which is dead btw 
;)). I have used python for a few personal projects such as django 
(python web framework), scripts for rhythmbox and amarok. I am 
interested in using it to replace some of the VBA scripts that need to 
be re-written or new ones that have yet to be written, and we already 
have quite a few python scripts in place. I do consider myself to be 
fairly new to the language, and have struggled with modifying other's 
python code (those whitespaces can be a pain when you have to modify 
existing code, if there is an easier way to do that I'd be grateful for 
any tips or tricks). I generally don't participate much in online 
collaboration simply because I don't have much free time, like someone 
else mentioned, I have a large family and they keep me pretty busy when 
I'm not working. I do manage to tinker sometimes after everyone goes to 
bed though...

My personal site:
Work site:

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