[PyAR2] Getting to Know You...

Tammy Howell lanceandtammy at cebridge.net
Sat Nov 17 04:30:50 CET 2007

Hi my name is Lance Howell, I am fairly new to linux and open source
software. I am loving Ubuntu, and all that it has to offer. I've
always been interested in learning a language like python, but I never
knew how to do it. I mostly program in Visual Basic.net and ASP.net. I
also know COBOL from school. I'm not in the IT field, but i'm going
back to school for a BS in Computer Security degree starting about
June 2008 which should be fun. And I should be able to break into the
computer industry. (Not laterial. lol) I mostly program as a hobby or
for myself. I would like to learn python, so I can maybe contribute
back to the open source projects, which I think is neat. And a lot of
open source projects are written in python.

I can't wait to see where this group takes off, and what will be
coming in the future.

Lance Howell

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