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Here are some snippets from another thread asking about a book similar to
Effective C++ (June 2006).  I don't know if the links are still good, but
it's a start.  I'll keep looking.  Have you seen the Python Cookbook
(O'Reilly)?  It's full of all sorts of code snippets organized by subject
and I use it all of the time to learn new techniques.  David Goodger
(mentioned below) as a co-author of "Effective Python" is the chairman of
PyCon this year.  Since I'm working with him already, I;ll ask him the
status of the book.


Hi all,
     I just finished reading Learning Python 3rd ed, and am doing my
first Python application, which   retrieves and process text and XML
documents from Web. Python helped me to write the application in a few
hours, I'm very happy with its productivity. But the performance is not
satisfactory. I decide to optimized it in Python before trying C/C++
extensions. But I don't know Python much and have no clu to tune my
program. Also, I don't know what Pythonist's preferred styles. Are
there any books/documents which play the similar role for Python as
'Effective C++' does for C++?

    For example, one of my friends read my program and suggest me to
move the re.compile() out of a for-loop, since the regular pattern is
fixed, and re.compile() is slow. I want to find more such advice, where
can I find them?

    Thank you.




Also, I suggest checking Psyco ( http://psyco.sourceforge.net/ ), which
can easily improve your program's speed with no change in your code.

Hope this helps...


I think Aahz stated somewhere that he was workign on Effective Python.
I'm not sure if it's an ongoing plan or it's been canned though?


You might want to give this site a look:

<red face>  That's my fault.  I'm technically still under contract to
write _Effective Python_, but it has proven much more difficult to write
than I expected.  (Not in the sense of difficulty finding material, but
in sitting down and *writing*.)  I actually brought in David Goodger as
co-author and we still haven't been able to make progress.  :-(

Right now, I'm finishing up _Python for Dummies_ (which is mostly being
written by Stef -- I provide the technical expertise and editing), and
after a suitable resting time, we'll see if we can get back on track
with _Effective Python_
Aahz (aahz at pythoncraft.com
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