[PyAR2] Getting to know you

Jesse Jaggars cynshard at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 22:51:46 CET 2007

Hey everyone,
My name is Jesse and I spend most of my time working with javascript and 
perl, but I've been hacking away with python for about a year now.

I'm a software developer at Acxiom and I know and work with Derek and 
Bob, however I found this list via the official python-list so it's a 
nice suprise to see those guys show up here as well.

I absolutely love python syntax and the built-in pressure to do things 
pythonic. I find it makes things easier to pass along to someone else 
and get them caught up quickly.

Like Derek, I really like how python ships with a ton of libraries to do 
real work. I wouldn't describe myself as an "object oriented puke 
weenie" although I tend to write things in an object oriented manner if 
the project is non-trivial.

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