[PyAR2] First Meeting

Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 14:31:59 CET 2007

Hello, All-

OK.  We have a humble mailing list, but now it's time to think about a
meeting.  Here are items for consideration:

   - When?  January? Later?
   - Where?  I'm not sure where we are geographically.  Earlier, I
   suggested Conway because we have members in Little Rock and Fayetteville;
   Conway seemed like a good compromise, but it's *our* group, not just mine.
   Where we meet should have at least a couple of rooms for
   presentations/classes and wifi would be nice, too.  Any ideas?
   - What should we cover?  I'm working on a class on modules and
   packages.  I'd like to cover Python Eggs, but I don't know too much about
   them yet (I'm looking to take a tutorial at PyCon, though).  Others have
   asked for basic Python.  Any other topics?  I have seen "how do I do this"
   type sessions in the past, where anyone can ask about how to do "X" and
   others talk about possible approaches.  I'm really interested to see what we
   can do with Python and our GIS users.
   - What Else?  Those of you who have organized or even attended user
   group meetings may have ideas.  What about a logo?  How about a web page?
   Can we get someone to host it for free (I don't know if the PSF does that or

I'd like to meet before March, if possible.  That's when I'm going to
Chicago and I'd like to take something up there promoting our group and
maybe pick up more members.

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