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Wed Nov 28 14:59:48 CET 2007

It doesn't really have several rooms, but I know the Maumelle public Library
has wifi and a rather large meeting room. I don't know if that's any more
central, though...

Maybe one of you GIS folks with the know-how could write up a program where
everyone that wants to puts in their physical location, and it averages it
out and gives the most central location ;)

eh? :-D

I've already put in my 2 cents about the logo bit, what with the submissions
& voting & what-not.

As far as hosting, I know of *a* resource - www.freehostia.com I think it
is. A decent option if you're not planning on using too much bandwidth.


On Nov 28, 2007 7:31 AM, Greg Lindstrom <gslindstrom at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello, All-
> OK.  We have a humble mailing list, but now it's time to think about a
> meeting.  Here are items for consideration:
>    - When?  January? Later?
>    - Where?  I'm not sure where we are geographically.  Earlier, I
>    suggested Conway because we have members in Little Rock and Fayetteville;
>    Conway seemed like a good compromise, but it's *our* group, not just mine.
>    Where we meet should have at least a couple of rooms for
>    presentations/classes and wifi would be nice, too.  Any ideas?
>    - What should we cover?  I'm working on a class on modules and
>    packages.  I'd like to cover Python Eggs, but I don't know too much about
>    them yet (I'm looking to take a tutorial at PyCon, though).  Others have
>    asked for basic Python.  Any other topics?  I have seen "how do I do this"
>    type sessions in the past, where anyone can ask about how to do "X" and
>    others talk about possible approaches.  I'm really interested to see what we
>    can do with Python and our GIS users.
>    - What Else?  Those of you who have organized or even attended user
>    group meetings may have ideas.  What about a logo?  How about a web page?
>    Can we get someone to host it for free (I don't know if the PSF does that or
>    not).
> I'd like to meet before March, if possible.  That's when I'm going to
> Chicago and I'd like to take something up there promoting our group and
> maybe pick up more members.
> Thanks,
> --greg
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