[PyAR2] First Meeting

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Wed Nov 28 23:52:06 CET 2007

Greg Lindstrom wrote:
>     * What Else?  Those of you who have organized or even attended user
>       group meetings may have ideas.  What about a logo?  How about a
>       web page?  Can we get someone to host it for free (I don't know if
>       the PSF does that or not).

Re free hosting, you are welcome to create a wiki page for your group on
wiki.python.org.  Many groups do.  And you ought to add your group to the
roster of Python usergroups at:


and point it to your wiki (or other) page.  The PSF is receptive to funding
usergroups given a proper proposal.  For example, if you're not already on
python.meetup.com they are ok with paying for a year of membership for you.

There has also been talk of setting up a special "usergroup" server box under
the umbrella of PSF, on which all groups could run Python-based groupware to
coordinate their groups.  However, a design and proposal would be needed and
those who have brought it up haven't had the time to organize such an effort.
 It got however many positive votes.  We're thinking some kind of group
calendaring, group database lookup by zipcode, etc.  The idea is an
open-source version of meetup.com.  But the PSF has no workers, so it would
need someone with energy and time.


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