[PyAR2] Jeff Rush Speaking at PyArkansas

Chad Cooper Chad_Cooper at SWN.COM
Mon Aug 4 16:22:09 CEST 2008

Greg, great job on getting Jeff Rush in on PyArkansas. I would be
willing to take on Text/file processing. Regarding swag, I will email
Doug Hellmann at Python Magazine about getting some issues of PyMag to
give away, I think they would be happy to do that. They may even
advertise PyArkansas on their website. I'll also take on making the 8.5
by 11 flyer. We probably need to put togehter a "whos doing what"
spreadsheet on google docs to track all of this activity and to prevent
duplication of effort, eh?


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Hello Everyone,

While working on organizing pyArkansas, I wrote Jeff Rush (Python
Advocacy Coordinator and all around nice guy) about speaking at our
humble get together in October.  He has responded very enthusiastically
and on an email sent to the Python list mentioned that he was booked in
October for Python Arkansas!  Jeff is one of the "Big Dogs" in the
community and I'm extremely happy that he is willing to come help us
out.  He says that he will bring some folks with him to attend as well.

So, we really need to meet -- either in person or IRC -- to get things
planned.  How about Saturday, August 16th?  Should we set up a freenode
channel (anyone know how to do that?).  I need to met with our friends
at UCA to look over the classrooms/labs and coordinate with them as

Also, it's time to think about classes/talks.  Jeff will cover
"Introduction to Python", which will be either a 3 or 6 hour class (or,
maybe do a couple shorter classes on different subjects).  It would be
nice to have some 45-minute talks on various subjects.
Anyone want to volunteer?

Text/File Processing
Web Development
Scientific Applications
Object Oriented Python
Gaming (pyGame)
Anything Else?

If you do not want to (or do not feel qualified to) host a talk, what
would you want to see someone else speak on (what talks would you like
to go to)?

Do we want Open Space for talks or "show and tell"?  I'd like at lest 30
minutes at the end of the day for everyone to get together for a wrap up
(and to give away door prizes).

Anyone want to work on swag?  It would involve writing people asking if
the y want to give us anything (OReilly is very good about that) or get
any coupons for us to give away.

It would also be nice to have a small (8.5x11) "poster" to send out with
the announcements I plan to mail out next month.  Anyone want to put one

I'll create a Google Document to share with a proposed schedule, etc.
Let me know if you want access to it.

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