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Greg, I think I'll do one session on text/file processing. If we have a hole still in a couple of weeks, I'll plan on doing a talk on Python and GIS.


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I am pleased to announce that Chad Files has agreed to present a talk on the "One Laptop per Child" (OLPC) program at pyArkansas.  Chad is a honch-level programmer at Novasys Health where he handles all of the web duties.  He was one of the first people to get his hands on a OLPC computer and it's always fun when he brings it to work to show us the latest.  OLPC is heavily into Python and, even if it weren't, it's a fascinating project that needs to get more press.

More press....I'll contact my friends at the Log Cabin Democrat (Conway's local paper) to see if we can get some ink.  I wonder if the DemGaz would be interested.

Anyone else want to commit to a class/talk.  We are setting up 50-minute blocks, so the actual talk should last about 40 minutes to allow for questions.  I think we have Jeff Rush for a 3-hour "Python 101" class (9-12, with breaks) and then something "more advanced" in the afternoon.  We have a UCA faculty member (Bernard) volunteering to teach a class; I hope he will do a talk on the Standard Library and another on Packages and Modules.  

Chad Cooper is presenting on Text/File processing (1 or 2 sessions, Chad?)

Is anyone up on Django?  I've used it for 6 months but do not feel ready to get in front of people.  How about pyGame?  TurboGears? Is there interest in object-oriented programming?  Chad (Cooper) has done some cool stuff with GIS. GUI programming? Database programming?

Marsee (from OReilly) asked if we would be interesed in them sending a speaker.  I replied we are very interested and asked for a list of speakers and topics.  

It looks like we will have three "tracks"; one for beginners and the other two for intermediate/advanced topics.  There's the start of a schedule scratched out on the wiki.

It's time to put your name on a class!  If you don't want to present, what do you want to see?


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