[PyAR2] PyArkansas Audio

Greg Reddin greddin at apache.org
Tue Aug 19 16:15:17 CEST 2008

I *might* be able to help with audio for the conference if it is
needed. I haven't checked with my "social coordinator (wife)" yet, but
I don't immediately know of anything that would prevent it.

Does the facility have audio capabilities to ensure the larger
sessions can be heard adequately by all attendees? Do they have
recording capabilities? Is there interest in making audio recordings
of some of the seminars available?

I can set up a small PA system with 3 or 4 mic inputs. I can also
record one session at a time. I could deliver a master CD or upload
the audio to a website - whatever is desired. I would need about an
hour of setup time. Of course, if UCA already has these capabilities
I'd prefer to just come and listen :-) But if the audio services are
needed I might be able to help.

Greg Reddin

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