[PyAR2] pyArkansas Classes

cscbecx at cs.gsu.edu cscbecx at cs.gsu.edu
Thu Aug 21 06:49:21 CEST 2008

Dear Greg:

I'd like to do the beginners class since I did that in GSU.  Just let me
know how long is the class and I will be prepared.



> Jeff and Bernard,
> It looks like we are going to have a good turnout at pyArkansas; we are at
> 18 attendees already (Jeff, if you are going to bring attendees, please
> sign
> them up on the wiki) and we have to close registration at 100 due to the
> physical limitation of the space we have.  I have been back and forth on
> things so I want to make sure the two of you are clear on what you will be
> doing.  My concern is for the first half of the day; the classes.  It
> looks
> like we will have Noah Gift from the Atlanta Users Group coming as part of
> the OReilly Speakers Program to give a class on Python and System
> Administration.  This will be an exceptional advanced class.  We really
> need
> a beginners class.  Bernard, you have taught such a class at Georgia State
> University?  Jeff, could you lead an "intermediate" class (Python for
> people
> with some knowledge of the language already)?  If not a "python 102"
> class,
> could you cover other intermediate topics?
> Nothing is set, yet, so don't worry if this is not what we agreed to (if
> it's not, now is the time to clear things up).  Are there other
> classes/talks you would like to give?  I think we have the 6 talks covered
> in the afternoon, than we'll have then panel wrap-up from 2:30-3:30 where
> you can answer questions and show off anything Python you want to show
> off.
> We have lots of stuff to give away as well.
> Thanks to both of you for helping out.  Jeff, I'll be getting with you to
> finalize travel arrangements.  I'm assuming you will want 2 nights in a
> hotel (do you plan on returning to Dallas on Saturday?).
> --greg

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