[PyAR2] Facilities for Conference

Bob Fahr bob.fahr at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 18:51:15 CEST 2008

I had some thoughts about the conference I don't believe we've discussed

What are our plans for the computer setup for the sessions?  Will all of the
sessions be hands-on?  Will we install all of the necessary software
beforehand, or will we attempt to do that during the sessions?

In my experience with training we probably don't want attendees downloading
and installing software, and its likely that security is setup so that they
cannot do that.  Having the software installed and preconfigured would
lessen the likelihood of problems during the sessions.  We also should have
some volunteers in the room to help with problems, primarily in the intro
sections but it might be nice to have some in all of the sessions.

When will we be able to access the rooms? Can we set them up the day before
or will there be classes?  UCA probably images the computers on a regular
basis and we might have to wait until after that if it happens on Friday
night.  We might be able to give the the additional software ahead of time
so they can image what the conference software.

Do we want to put the presentations and software on a CD that we can hand
out to attendees?

Should we get some pyar2 shirts made so that we can wear our "colors"?

I'm sure there are more logistical things but that's all that come to mind
right now.

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