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On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 10:44 AM, Chad Cooper <Chad_Cooper at swn.com> wrote:

>  All...
> First, my apologies for missing the meeting on Saturday, the wife and I
> both came down with the nasty stomach bug on Friday and were laid up all
> weekend. Fun times!
> Now, on with business. Sounds like the meeting went well and was very
> productive, wish I could have been there. My thoughts:
> The inaugural meeting of PyAR^2 was held at San Francisco Bread Company in
> Conway on Saturday, February 16th at 11:00.  Four members, and one potential
> member, were present.
> So, we have a Python Users Groups.  YoHoo!  Now, what do we do?
> Traditionally,  groups follow the 80/20 rule, meaning that 80% of the work
> is performed by 20% of the members (that's not intended to be a slam, just
> reality).  We, as a group, need something *meaningful* to do and have to
> generate more interest in Python.  WE have a lot of good ideas -- maybe too
> many! -- but that means we can choose what interests the group and work on
> those.
> One way to learn any language is to work on a project.  If the project is
> "real" (that is, one someone might actually want and/or use) it would have a
> better chance of generating interest.  As fate would have it, our
> "potential" member has a project that would not only be at a good level for
> us, involving a web framework and database, but would fill a need for an
> overworked/under-appreciated segment of our health care system.  From the
> very brief discussion we had about it I would think that it is perfect
> candidate for learning the TurboGears/CherryPy framework.
>  I would love to get into TurboGears/CherryPy, have yet to toy around with
> either.
> Classes/seminars were requested again, too.  We have many people new to
> Python and classes on "the basics" and "what's next" are needed!
> We talked about putting on a "mini-conference"; a one-day seminar of
> classes for High School/College students (and their instructors) showing off
> Python and applications written in Python (there was general agreement that
> most people are unaware of Python or anything written in it).  The Hot
> Springs Technology Expo was brought up as a possible alternative for the
> mini-conference.  The expo is an annual gathering of High School tech-heads;
> it would give us huge exposure and take the burden of organizing a seminar
> off our shoulders.  In addition, since it is a large conference, the Python
> Software Foundation might be willing to fund someone to come present an
> introductory class (Steve Holden comes to mind).  Greg will look into
> information about the conference.
> Is this the conference: http://www.hssd.net/hsti/index.html ??
> Looks interesting. I'm looking around on the site, but can't find anything
> about the past conferences. I would love to present something there myself,
> plus it would be good to get my companys name out there too. Anyone been to
> the conference before? Do tell.

That's it. I've been to HSTI about 3 times with LRLUG, but it's been about 3
years since we've done it. We got a booth for free since we were a not a
for-profit group and did classes there. Hopefully this offer would still

> A web site was discussed.  It would be a central place to get information
> about us.  A "calling card".  We need to look into hosting (will the PSF
> host a site?) and think about who can help us design it.  This may be
> another good project for the group.
> Could this be another TurboGears project? Hhhmmmmm.....

> It was suggested that setting up virtual meetings because of the distance
> between our members.  We can move the meetings around the State if we could
> offer a way for others to wire in.  This would also give us a way to handle
> any group project that we decide to take on.
> I actually thought about this on Saturday as I was lying in bed sick. I'm
> a big fan of Skype these days, and since SFB Co has wireless, theres no
> reason I couldnt just video in. Also, if we get a project going, could we
> start a chat group on IRC?

We are looking at doing some sort of video conference. From what I see Skype
does a 2 user video conference. But there was discussion on using some other
video services. Of course an audio conference can be done via many different
services including Skype.

> We need to think about  a PR effort.  A list of contacts at Colleges and
> High Schools (including school papers) would be a great resource for getting
> word out about us and our events.  Contacts at newspapers and local
> publications (Sync magazine, for example) would help.  Anyone want to step
> up and start this?
> I just requested posting rights on the Happenings in Python User Groups
> blog (http://python-groups.blogspot.com/), so that will get a little bit
> of tha word out too.
> More was discussed, but I (Greg) did not get all of it.  Frankly, there
> are way too many good ideas to implement, so we need to talk about what we
> want to do.  I left the meeting excited about the opportunities out there
> for the taking.  What we want to do is up to us.
> --greg
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