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This is from the DFW Pythoneers listserv....maybe we could get Jeff Rush
to come to PyArkansas to teach an intro class(?) At the least, this
could be a good outline for an intro class.



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This coming Saturday is the 4th Saturday for the DFW Pythoneers.  As
usual we meet at Nerdbooks.com from 2pm until 5pm.  However, on this
Saturday I'll be there at 1pm to teach a "Beginners to Python" class for
those who have been wanting to get into Python but haven't had the time
to do so.  Bring a laptop so you can follow along on the exercises.  And
then at 2pm we'll move into more advanced Python learning, independent
of the problem domain of web programming or databases.

This will be a first use of this material so it will be improved with
feedback and the presentation given again at a near-future date if you
cannot make it this time.

Some material we'll cover:

   The concepts on which Python is based, why is it easy to learn yet

   How Python is scalable in terms of learnability, source complexity,
   performance, developer collaboration, design documentation and

   When at the prompt, where are you really and how did you get there?

   Names, values and namespaces: the foundation of the language.

   Organizing source code, from simple projects to complex ones.

   Callables, comprehensions, iterables and generators

   Object orientation and duck typing

   Sequence slicing, multilevel unpacking, packing and matching

   Uses of early binding to simplify and speed up your code

   Cool uses of functional-style programming to clean up your code

   Introspection: what is it and why would I want to use it?

That would be a lot of topics to cover in-depth and I'm not going to,
in-depth that is.  These are concepts that are part of the vocabulary of
a Python programmer.  I'll explain them and provide examples of their
usage.  We'll spend time at the Python prompt trying out actual code.

The 1pm to 2pm timeslot is definitely beginner friendly, starting with
-no- assumed knowledge of Python at all, although you should know how to
program in some language, to get the most benefit.

Hope to see you there!

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