[PyAR2] My First Website

Chad Cooper Chad_Cooper at SWN.COM
Thu Jul 24 18:58:20 CEST 2008

How long have you been with Webfaction? I've been with them for about
3-4 months now and really like it. the control panel is kinda lame, but
the performance of the servers is blazing fast compared to other shared
hosts I've been with in the past. I want to set up something with Django
to play with, but just can't find the time.



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Hey all,

I just got my first Django website up and running on WebFaction.  It's
just to mess around with, though after I get things filled out better
Sonshine (sic) Academy is going to open an account and put it up "for
real".  We are starting very simple, but I hope to add to it over the
next few months.

Check it out at gslindstrom.webfactional.com

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