[PyAR2] WearPython.com is on the air

Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 01:51:12 CET 2008

I have put up a web page, www.wearpython.com, offering Python embroidered
polo shirts and stuff.  If you have a minute, take a look and let me know
what you think.  If you want to order something, please choose the Goggle
Merchant payment option; it's the only one currently working!

My wife and I are busy making the product for this years PyCon in less than
2 weeks (out house is awash with Python shirts).  I'm looking forward to
getting back to work on the group when I get back later this month.

Thanks to PyR^2 member Chad Files for all his hard work on this (and look
for Chad in the LR Marathon tomorrow).

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