[PyAR2] pyArkansas

Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at gmail.com
Thu May 22 02:08:57 CEST 2008

OK...we're looking at October 10th for PyArkansas.  That's a Saturday.
 I think we should look at starting a 9 and going to noon, a 1 hour
break for lunch, then  have another 3 hour session (both sessions will
have a break, too).  UCA is giving us 2 or 3 rooms with 20+
workstations.  We should have 1 room dedicated to "introduction to
Python" class (2 sessions) and the other to more advanced topics; we
could have 2 classes per session.  It would be nice to have a "cool
things being done with Python" talk.  Maybe something during the last
half hour with everybody (of course, I have no idea how many people
will attend).

I'd like a show of hands as to who is willing to step up and lead a
session.  I've taught a beginning Python class where we start out
playing with IDLE and write some simple programs (hi/low number
guessing game and hangman).  The thing is, I'd like to give a Django
class or a class on packages/modules, etc.  I'd like us to get a list
of potential classes and then choose so I can get a flier made up to
send to local high schools.  It would be nice to have classes picked
by August 1 so we can get a flier out at the start of school and then
another a few weeks later.

Anyone want to write O'Reilly about having them donate some books?
They are really good about such things.

Anyone want to work on putting together a swag bag?  It will be
modest, but I'm going to look for some sponsors, and I have some
Python stickers from PyCon.  Does anyone know who I can write at
Acxiom?  They used to be pretty good about helping out with such
things.  For that matter, does anyone know people at Acxiom using
Python?  There are a lot of potential user group members there, too.
What other businesses?  Altel?  Windstream?  Novasys :-)

Anyone want to start gathering addresses of area High Schools and
Colleges?  Could we get a blurb in any papers (even College papers)?

Anyone want to handle registration issues?  I don't know what they
are, so it might be an easy  task.

Anyone want to step up and get a web site up?  I *think* the psf might
host it, but I'm not sure.

And what should be budget?  Certainly public relations (postage and
printing) and class handouts (printing).  If we can, I'd like to give
speakers something ($50.00, for  example).  I'm going to start this
weekend writing potential sponsors.  What else?



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