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Thu May 22 03:51:22 CEST 2008

I'm fairly sure the UCA Echo would at least put a blurb in the the
paper, if not put at least a short article.

If I was more advanced at python/teaching programming, I'd feel
comfortable presenting, but if we can't find enough people I could do
something like a guessing game.

Of course I would like to attend some of the other classes, too ^_^


On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 7:08 PM, Greg Lindstrom <gslindstrom at gmail.com> wrote:
> OK...we're looking at October 10th for PyArkansas.  That's a Saturday.
>  I think we should look at starting a 9 and going to noon, a 1 hour
> break for lunch, then  have another 3 hour session (both sessions will
> have a break, too).  UCA is giving us 2 or 3 rooms with 20+
> workstations.  We should have 1 room dedicated to "introduction to
> Python" class (2 sessions) and the other to more advanced topics; we
> could have 2 classes per session.  It would be nice to have a "cool
> things being done with Python" talk.  Maybe something during the last
> half hour with everybody (of course, I have no idea how many people
> will attend).
> I'd like a show of hands as to who is willing to step up and lead a
> session.  I've taught a beginning Python class where we start out
> playing with IDLE and write some simple programs (hi/low number
> guessing game and hangman).  The thing is, I'd like to give a Django
> class or a class on packages/modules, etc.  I'd like us to get a list
> of potential classes and then choose so I can get a flier made up to
> send to local high schools.  It would be nice to have classes picked
> by August 1 so we can get a flier out at the start of school and then
> another a few weeks later.
> Anyone want to write O'Reilly about having them donate some books?
> They are really good about such things.
> Anyone want to work on putting together a swag bag?  It will be
> modest, but I'm going to look for some sponsors, and I have some
> Python stickers from PyCon.  Does anyone know who I can write at
> Acxiom?  They used to be pretty good about helping out with such
> things.  For that matter, does anyone know people at Acxiom using
> Python?  There are a lot of potential user group members there, too.
> What other businesses?  Altel?  Windstream?  Novasys :-)
> Anyone want to start gathering addresses of area High Schools and
> Colleges?  Could we get a blurb in any papers (even College papers)?
> Anyone want to handle registration issues?  I don't know what they
> are, so it might be an easy  task.
> Anyone want to step up and get a web site up?  I *think* the psf might
> host it, but I'm not sure.
> And what should be budget?  Certainly public relations (postage and
> printing) and class handouts (printing).  If we can, I'd like to give
> speakers something ($50.00, for  example).  I'm going to start this
> weekend writing potential sponsors.  What else?
> Thanks,
> --greg
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