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Tue Oct 7 17:25:10 CEST 2008

> On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 5:18 PM, Noah Gift <noah.gift at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Greg, Chad, and all,
>>> Thanks for the hospitality during my visit, I had a fun time with the
>>> gang.  For everyone that received a book, if you get a chance to write an
>>> honest review I would appreciate it.  I will be doing a blog entry this week
>>> for O'Reilly about the whole PyArkansas experience, and recommend it.
>>> --
>>> Noah Gift
>>> http://noahgift.com

Thanks for your time and expertise.  Being somewhat isolated from large
population centers, we don't often get the chance to have anyone at your
level come work with us.  It was a real treat to bring you in and I hope you
are the first of many to visit Arkansas.

I will be writing a review of your book in the next week of so and getting
it to Marsee.  I just went through it again; we have plans to use many of
the techniques outlined in the book to create a "real-time" backup system,
automated auditing routines using Pyro and pyINotify, and many others.  My
boss, Scott Shellabarger (VP of IT) is really fired up about the
possibilities, which makes the Senior Staff at Novasys Health pleased with
the $300.00 they donated to the effort.

The comments on your System Admin class were overwhelmingly positive.  I was
pleased to see so many "experienced" people there asking questions.  The one
negative comment dealt with you not giving a "formal" class; they wanted
slides and handouts (though I would point out getting a copy of your book
was one hellofa handout).  As for me and others I spoke with, we were very
happy with you asking _us_ what _we_ wanted to get out of the class and then
addressing our concerns.  As I said earlier, my boss is fired up and another
colleague -- a PHP fan -- was struck with how simple the Python code was.
Now he's wanting to write some system monitoring software in Python.  Well

I wish you well and hope to run into you again at some point.  If there is
anything I, or anyone in PyAR^2, can do for you, please ask.

Best Regards, Always -

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