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On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 9:05 AM, Greg Lindstrom <gslindstrom at gmail.com>wrote:

> OK...we're 4 weeks out and (I think) things are looking pretty good.  I'm a
> little concerned about money; we have $260.00 in the bank with $500.00
> coming.  I was hoping to meet with the Conway Chamber of Commerce yesterday
> (Thursday), but that has been put off until later next week.
> We need to let UCA know what software to load on their machines.  I will
> have them load Python 2.5 and pyGame for my talks.  What other software do
> we want?  Please specify name, version and an address where it can be found
> so I can pass it on to UCA.
> I'm having reservations about the Django class or, at least, me leading
> it.  Is there someone else comfortable enough with it to do a 50-minute
> "show and tell" type talk? The other option is dropping it and letting Jeff
> Rush do a talk on Python Eggs.
> Do we want any kind of registration?  Is there a need for it?  How do we
> intend to hand out swag (the stuff everyone gets, that is).  We received a
> copy of the Noah Gift/Jeremy Jones book "Python for Unix and Linux System
> Administration" to give away.  I think we should hand that out in his class
> at some point.

We should have something I think, even its the "Hello, my name is:____"
stickers. And we should get everyones email, so we can send them the links
to talks/presentations when we get them online later. I think we should do
white ones for attendees and maybe a colored one for
speakers/presenters/volunteers (maybe red?), so if someone has question, you
ask someone wearing a red badge. For the giveaway for Noahs book, how about
names of attendees to his talk into a hat and he draws the name?

> Currently, we have 29 people signed up to attend.  I will be sending out
> another round of invitations to the Faulkner County High Schools and,
> perhaps, include a few more "random" schools for the list (we have 73 High
> Schools in the 7 County region).
> Let me know about any concerns/issues you have.  There are people driving
> substantial distances to attend, so I really want to put on a good meeting.

what time sat morning can we get into the building to start setting up and
checking things out? What all will need to be done to "setup" the morning

Also, anyone know of a spot where we can get together the night before for a
social of some sort? Is Conway dry? If not, a casual place with tasty
beverages would be nice.


> Thanks,
> --greg
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