[PyAR2] pyArkansas: Rounding the corner

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Mon Sep 15 05:43:08 CEST 2008

Greg Lindstrom wrote:
> Jeff and Noah, I'd like you to confirm that you are still planning to 
> attend.  If you get here early enough Friday, we would like to take you 
> out to dinner; otherwise we will take you out Saturday if your travel 
> plans allow.  Jeff, are you willing/able to replace my Django talk with 
> something on eggs?  If not, I'll do what I can (unless someone else 
> wants to lead a 50-minute talk on Django).

Yes, I am definitely coming, no doubts about it.  Whether I'll get there early 
enough for dinner, I don't know.  It is a long drive from Dallas.

A number of us are carpooling  and we will be staying into Sunday afternoon. 
If there were any sprinting or social opportunities on Sunday, that would be 

I am willing to take on the talk about Python eggs and will proceed accordingly.

> Everyone else (especially teachers).  What software do we need to have 
> installed on the University machines?  Here is what I have so far:
> Python 1.5
> IPython 1.8
> PyGame
> Django
> Anything else?  Do we have any directories with test/demo data to get 
> installed?  UCA will do it for us, if we get them the info in the next 
> week or so.

I presume that is Python 2.5 and not the old standby 1.5.2. ;-)

I think the only ones I'd like to see added are Setuptools, VirtualEnv, Nevow 
and Durus.  Both are in the Cheeseshop and can be installed (as an admin) with 
a single 'easy_install' command.

   wget http://peak.telecommunity.com/dist/ez_setup.py
   python2.5 ez_setup.py
   easy_install virtualenv nevow durus


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