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2009/4/2 Greg Lindstrom <gslindstrom at gmail.com>

> Hello List -
> I just returned from PyCon, the National Python Convention, held in Chicago
> this year.  I had a blast and learned more stuff than I will ever be able to
> use.  If you get the chance to make it next year (in Atlanta) it's well
> worth your time and money.  The videos are on pycon.blip.tv.

I was actually just wondering if PyCon was finished! I guess it was pretty
good timing!

> But, I want to get the ball rolling on pyArkansas 2009.  First off, do we
> want to put it on (I do!)?  We need to determine when to have it; I want to
> make sure that we don't conflict with the Dallas group and, if we have it at
> UCA, we need to make sure there is not a home football game.  With that in
> mind, I will contact UCA to see if they will host it again and get a list of
> possible days.

I know I definitely want to help put it on! I wonder how much our attendance
will increase without the conflict...

My only preference is that it's not on the first weekend in October. In
other words, any weekend not October 3rd.

> What about the format?  I really liked the classes last year, how about
> you?  What classes would you like to see?  We need to have an "intro to
> Python".  Someone has suggested a GIS class.  What else?

I really enjoyed the class format. Hands on is the best way to learn, and I
really learned a lot. PyArkansas really did jump-start my learning in
Python. I know last year my biggest problem is that I wanted to attend more
sessions than I had time to do. I would have liked to attend the little open
class/session as well, but I wanted to attend many more. Of course, this
year I'm also toying with the idea of presenting a class on Tkinter,
especially if there's enough interest. It would pretty much be a
crash-course introduction, with participants writing a Tkinter program

> Funding is a big deal.  We have $500.00 from the Conway A&P Commission and
> Chad Russle has pledged to help us out from the Conway Chamber of Commerce,
> though we have a ways to go before his full offer kicks in.  I'm pretty sure
> the Python Software Foundation will help out (they offered $300.00 last
> year).  I would like to approach a trucking company to see if they will fund
> a GIS track, so we need to come up with a figure.

Well, I know UCA has a GIS track of study, so we may be able to attract a
few GIS majors. When we get a more-firm date I can also start floating the
idea of attending PyArkansas to the CS club.

> Anyways, there is a ton to do.  I will write the PyCon people to see if we
> can use their package for registration.  I'm toying with the idea of a
> registation fee for non high school types (maybe $25.00?).

 I know $25 is definitely stretching it for me - not because I don't think
pyArkansas was (and will be) worth $25, but because in my current financial
situation(starving college student), $25 means I can't spend that money
elsewhere. However, depending on my summer job, perhaps $25 won't seem like
quite as much ;)

I'm really excited for pyArkansas - I've been looking forward since last
time! Like I mentioned earlier, I learned an incredible amount and I'm
probably at least 2-4 years ahead in my progress because of it (mainly
because I just started out and I'm fairly sure the curve goes log ;) ) so of
course I'll recommend it to anyone I come across. Another thought is that we
should try to get on TomFM's ordinary listener of the week, we might garner
a few who had no previous interest.

Anyway, let's keep this ball rolling!
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