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Nathan Davis nathandavis2121 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 22:56:09 CEST 2009

Based on the football schedule on ucasports.com, the (Non-Home/No Game) game
dates would be:

9/12 - This is the Saturday after Labor Day, so this may not be the best
10/31 - Halloween - Probably need to rule this one out.
11/21 - Too close to Thanksgiving.  If I remember my college days correctly,
professors LOVE to give exams the week of Thanksgiving.

Last year's conference was on 10/4,  so I think 10/10 would be perfect.

Some classes I think would be interesting and hopefully meet the needs of
most pythonistas here would be:

1. A class on one of the Web Frameworks (Django, TurboGrears, etc) or

2.  Something involving databases and Python (cx_Oracle, SQLAlchemy, etc)

3.  Maybe a class comparing Python3000 vs Python 2.x series or some kind of
"panel"  Q&A session where people are sharing their

I know with all of us working together we can make pyAR09 BIGGER and better
than 08.

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> Hello List -
> I just returned from PyCon, the National Python Convention, held in Chicago
> this year.  I had a blast and learned more stuff than I will ever be able
> to
> use.  If you get the chance to make it next year (in Atlanta) it's well
> worth your time and money.  The videos are on pycon.blip.tv.
> But, I want to get the ball rolling on pyArkansas 2009.  First off, do we
> want to put it on (I do!)?  We need to determine when to have it; I want to
> make sure that we don't conflict with the Dallas group and, if we have it
> at
> UCA, we need to make sure there is not a home football game.  With that in
> mind, I will contact UCA to see if they will host it again and get a list
> of
> possible days.
> What about the format?  I really liked the classes last year, how about
> you?  What classes would you like to see?  We need to have an "intro to
> Python".  Someone has suggested a GIS class.  What else?
> Funding is a big deal.  We have $500.00 from the Conway A&P Commission and
> Chad Russle has pledged to help us out from the Conway Chamber of Commerce,
> though we have a ways to go before his full offer kicks in.  I'm pretty
> sure
> the Python Software Foundation will help out (they offered $300.00 last
> year).  I would like to approach a trucking company to see if they will
> fund
> a GIS track, so we need to come up with a figure.
> Anyways, there is a ton to do.  I will write the PyCon people to see if we
> can use their package for registration.  I'm toying with the idea of a
> registation fee for non high school types (maybe $25.00?).
> Everything is on the table.  And only 6 months away!
> --greg
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